Welcome to the Secret Sandy Claus Project! 

Thank you for visiting the Secret Sandy Claus Project homepage. The Secret Sandy Claus Project is a NYC based 501c3 and we are also the Official Delivery Arm of the NYC Marines Toys For Tots. What we do is very simple. We collect thousands of toys every year, recruit volunteers to dress up as Santas and Elves, and we make personal home deliveries of toys to children in need all across the 5 boroughs of NYC--- children affected by Hurricane Sandy, childhood cancer, poverty, physical or mental disabilities and/or domestic violence. Families who want to request toys and personal visits register through our website. We then create delivery routes, coordinate volunteers and assign Santas and Elves to make deliveries to children every day in December, leading up to Christmas.

For the past 6 years, the Secret Sandy Claus Project's has executed its mission to ensure as many children as possible can have the experience of Santa Claus visiting them for Christmas. We are extremely proud that the Secret Sandy Claus Project to have officially partnered the past 4 Holiday Seasons with the NYC Marines Toys for Tots organization, along with We Care New York, in an effort to expand our shared goals to distribute as many toys to children who are less fortunate throughout New York City as we possibly can. We intend to continue our mission again this year by delivering toys to thousands of children at their homes dressed as Santa and by hosting toy distribution events throughout New York City. 

Our organization originally began only delivering toys and relief items to thousands of individual families affected by Hurricane Sandy. And due to our official partnership with the NYC Marines Toys for Tots organization the past 4 years, it allowed us the ability to expand our reach to not just those affected by Sandy, but gave us the capacity to help many more children in need; whether they be children who may be stricken with childhood cancer, disabled, homeless, in a foster home or economically disadvantaged. It really opened up the possibilities for who our organization can help. By having this partnership with the Marines Toys for Tots, it also enabled us the capability of delivering many more toys than years past. We have been able to turn that generosity into delivering many thousands of smiles for children who are less fortunate throughout New York City!

With this extensive network built by the Secret Sandy Claus Project, there is so much potential for us to help the people who need it most. But we need your help. Please Donate or Join our team today!

The Secret Sandy Claus Project has been an official partner with NYC Marines Toys for Tots for the past 4 years!

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