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Thank you for visiting the Secret Sandy Claus Project. This is the official Secret Sandy Claus Project Christmas Holiday Sign-Up Form. This form will be the official process to sign your children up for potentially receiving toys through a personal home visit from Sandy Claus this upcoming Christmas or for an invitation to a toy distribution event.

A very special thank you goes out to the entire NYC Marines Toys for Tots organization for their painstakingly hard work and endless hours they put in every year collecting, sorting and distributing to be able to provide toys to thousands of children in need each holiday season. About 90% of all toys distributed by the Secret Sandy Claus Project are provided annually by the NYC Marines Toys for Tots organization! A special thank you also goes out to all the schools, businesses and religious organizations that also conduct toy drives and donate them to the Secret Sandy Claus Project Toy Delivery program each year!

Thank you all for signing up with the Secret Sandy Claus Project!

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